One hundred yuan machine preferred red pepper 4A deliver the goods
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  PepsiCo technology recently launched the new smart phone, "red pepper 4A", which is popular in Jingdong, and its customers are constantly praised. It is called the 100 yuan machine's preferred model, and the national recognition of small pepper technology is also gradually improving. June red pepper 4A is really in front of the public brush full face: micro-blog launched at the end of the blue V alliance activities, followed by two times to occupy micro-blog open page, as well as low input and high return "forward pumping red pepper 4A two" activities, maxed out red pepper 4A topic. With the increase of popularity, the 4A sales of red pepper rose all the way, and the high tide in the mobile phone market was the best choice for the senior game fans.

       In the Jingdong mall can be seen on the consumer evaluation mainly concentrated in the appearance of stunning, price higher, "open the package, really amazing to Yan, Zhichao high!" "Mobile phone price is super high, running super fluency, absolutely value!" The main selling point; "red pepper 4A only to open the black people", is to let consumers praise, have said that playing the king of glory when the picture smooth without Caton: "buy 4A is to play the glory of the king, he did not buy the wrong." "599 yuan can have this effect is very value, recommended." "This configuration is no one, so good!"

       Only the price of 599 yuan can have so high configuration, beautiful appearance, excellent feel, smooth quality, addictive, high price, the consumers' evaluation of high contrast, even more than 1000 yuan mobile phone favorably, absolutely is the first choice for entry-level models, in the mobile phone fighter!


  According to available data, red pepper 4A in the Jingdong sold all the way, once the product is sold out, the favorable rate reached more than ninety percent, with its own high configuration through the inspection of the vast number of consumers and are highly recognized, indeed welcomed. Capsicum technology has always been in the interest of consumers, and the research and development of the "Open Black God" is also convenient for the majority of the game fans.

  As we all know, 100 yuan machine is unable to undertake the operation of this grand competitive tour, but the 4A of red pepper can not be possible. It will directly pull the entry mode to the mainstream of the large games. And because of the amazing influence of the king's glory, the popularity of red pepper 4A has been rapidly started. Consumers can enjoy the best game experience at the lowest cost, which will naturally be widely concerned by the younger generation. The bright future of the sales of red pepper 4A means that the technology of chili pepper will take up the market further, and it will be time to wait for the national brand.