The full screen fire, the thunder army laughed
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        Hundreds of years ago, Andersen's fairy tale "the emperor's new clothes", the emperor's vanity, wearing a delicate clothes, tell the world, only the sage visible and invisible april. In this way, everyone chose to turn a blind eye.

This is a well known fable, and a similar plot is put on in the current mobile phone world.

In October 25, 2016, Xiaomi launched a new cell phone called Xiaomi MIX, which is proud to say that this is a mobile phone coming from the future. It is almost all the screen. "Holding it is holding the world". So, this is a full screen phone.

       This is the Lei for the first time put forward the concept of full screen, and from then on, full screen is like breaking Pandora's box, such as a plague in the mobile phone industry spread, the mobile phone business started to chew full screen, because they are keenly aware of the "full screen", the air has been blowing, millet is the first landing, they don't have much time. After all, a mobile phone company, once missed the air, often A rout is like a landslide., NOKIA is the best example

NOKIA, people used to use them very much.
A year later, millet MIX 2 listed, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, Gionee have come up with their own full screen mobile phone.

      Even the apple fall conference, known as "the Spring Festival Gala of science and technology", also took out a full screen mobile phone, iPhone X, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. The Samsung Galaxy S8, which has been launched for half a year, is not lagging behind. It will update the two sided curved screen which is proud of it to the full view curved panel, even if the two are the same technology.


iPhone X

Full screen fire, the large mobile phone merchants also stand up the wind, they can always be relieved.

The overall screen is literally understood. The front part of the cell phone is all the screen. The four border positions of the cell phone are all designed without borders, that is to say, the screen proportion of 100%.

However, when we look back now in full screen, looking at the one known as full screen mobile phone, can be found, no matter which businesses, they launched a comprehensive mobile phone screen, or a black "bang", or have a black chin, or both "bangs" "chin". The author is not beginning to doubt his ability to understand words.

"Is this the full screen?"

Millet MIX 2 (left) "Chin" and iPhone X (right) "Liu Hai"

        In fact, has used the intelligent mobile phone as we all know, whether it is "bangs" or "Chin", which is integrated with the earpiece, front camera, sensor, fingerprint recognition and other components, these components are essential to the function, but it also became the last occupied territory in the "full screen", is the current can not solve the technical difficulties.

        Take the front lens, because the need of self timer and video call is not that the mobile phone manufacturer will abandon it, and the lens cannot be wrapped in the screen. So even if it is like an embroidery pin, a small front lens, the cell phone screen still needs to open a hole. In fact, there is no solution to this problem at present, but if you can use a screen direct projection, it may be a solution. But the technology is now only in science fiction movies.


         Also need openings and receiver, and in order to achieve a comprehensive screen, these holes are placed in the "Liu" and "Chin" by mobile phone manufacturers.

But millet once wanted to remove the hole of the receiver. The millet MIX introduced last year adopted a cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic system. The general principle is to let users hear the voice through the vibration of the middle part. But this improvement is also criticized by users. Especially in noisy environment, users can hardly make calls, which is not as good as the traditional vibrating receiver.
So in Xiaomi MIX 2, the "amazing" black technology cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic system was abandoned and changed to the traditional diaphragm receiver, so the hole returned to the top of the screen.

        As for fingerprint recognition, manufacturers are putting them behind the screen at the same time, so that the screen is really bigger. Instead, the user needs to use the thumb to unlock the habit to replace it with the index finger. But this change also exposes a problem that users can easily touch behind the lenses when they are unlocking them. But for users who are accustomed to it, this is a problem that can be overcome. After all, when iPhone launched just now, many people were not used to the screen with only one Home key.

Of course, there are also "domineering" such as Apple's iPhone X, which directly abandoned the fingerprint unlock, but used the new Face ID to achieve facial unlocking, but this is not only some domestic manufacturers that only have "black technology" can do it. After all, they just put this technology to find the fingerprint to unlock.

As can be seen, in order to "full screen", the major brands have exhausted their thoughts.

However, the "Liu Hai" and "Chin" are still stubbornly staying on the screen, no matter how the mobile phone manufacturers are going to solve them. Even so, these three words are the major manufacturers still beat "in advertising in full screen". But how can this be called full screen? Can't they see how these "bangs" and "Chin" hit their faces?