Break the "fake comprehensive screen", SONY "real comprehensive screen" next February next year
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Although this year is a full screen outbreak of the year, but the current full screen mobile phone is mostly "pseudo comprehensive screen." The overall screen now advocates the proportion of 18:9, and most of the smart phone's screen share is only close to 90%. No one has really reached the full screen at present.

Recently, foreign media have burst out a group of SONY Xpera10 rendering maps, which are reported to be released in February next year. In the design of SONY has always been in the forefront of the industry, from the SONY Xpera10 renderings, really stunning four, a bright spot is the most intuitive screen, mobile phone screen is visible all positive, even the narrow side of the forehead and chin are cancelled, at the same time in order to achieve the comprehensive screen effect, using SONY Xpera10 the design of fingerprint technology under virtual screen.

In addition to the appearance of stunning, its resolution is also very brisk, reached the super high resolution 2160x4320, we all know that the mobile phone is most used 2K screen resolution, the SONY made a big breakthrough, 4K believe that this screen mobile phone can give consumers not less visual shock.

On the fuselage, SONY Xpera10 back is designed with dual cameras, all located on the left upper corner of the back of the mobile phone. Camera has always been the most conscientious part of SONY, and I believe this time will not be bad. Color matching is used in the design of blue and black. The appearance of the color is consistent with the continuous appearance. On the hardware side, it is said to be carrying 845 of the Valon, in this case, including the previous Samsung and millet, which will be the confirmation of the third models that carry the 845. Memory is also the main focus of attention, SONY Xpera10 marking or the use of 6GB to store +64GB storage.

As you see in the picture, this mobile phone is really pretty high. If it sells for 5000 yuan, can you accept it?